Christmas Gifts For The Boater in Your Life

Tis the season, my friends. We are a little over a week away from the most magical time of year– well, other than memorial day. If you are rushing to find the perfect gift for the boater in your life, why not bring a little summertime sunshine in their life? Here are the Clark Marine Staff’s picks for this holiday!


  1. Lake Mugs 


These mugs are a hit. They come with various Maine lakes stamped onto them and make for a great gift that can be used year-round. Clark Marine Price: $9.95

2. Waterproof Phone Pouch


This bad boy is a boater’s best friend. It is perfect for phones, important documents, IDs, and anything else that you would want to float and stay dry. This summer this waterproof pouch was used to film some great “in the water” footage. This gets our media stamp of approval! Clark Marine Price: $12.95

3. The Puddle Jumper


Do you have a little guy running around waiting for their time on the water? This floaty is the perfect PFD for them to learn to swim with! Use it on the boat or by the dock. It is guaranteed to make for a fun time. Clark Marine price: $30.99

4. Sport Light 


The sport light is a great choice for the fishermen or hunter in your life. Who knows when they might need a stealthy light for night vision, or to charge UV lures? Clark Marine Price: $43.59

5. Paddle 


Paddles are an iconic necessity for all boaters- whether it is a kayak or a pontoon boat. Not only is it needed for a coast guard kit, but it also makes for a great spider killer. Clark Marine Price: $53.59-$106.69

6. Single User Tube 


Who doesn’t love tubing? This single rider tube is a special gift for someone as it can be used to whip around the lake without the fear of a peer kicking them off. Clark Marine Price: $159.99

7. Gas Grill


Say hello to an on the water BBQ this summer with a new MAGMA Gas grill. This bad boy is perfect for a party on the lake with some friends. Clark Marine Price: $243.99

8. 2.3 Honda Motor 


Do you want to win Christmas? Hide this perfect little engine under your tree to knock the recipient off their feet. We have a wide range of small engines (Honda and Mercury) perfect for any need. Honda 2.3 Price: $927